mFIT Mastermind Groups


Mental Mastery Takes Time. And Then Some.

There is no short cut. No easy road to the top. Only good, old-fashion hard work.

As you will notice, our services strategically build a solid foundation of mental fitness skills through online classes; add small-group and individual coaching for healthy social connections, feedback and accountability; and culminate in the development of higher-level skills, which we call Mastery. Thus, we approach mental fitness training via an apprenticeship model because we know that true mastery is about a lot more than the mere knowledge of skills (i.e., what to do); it’s about consistent application of those skills over time (i.e., practice doing it). There is no short cut. No easy road to the top. No credit for status or political affiliation. Mastery can only be achieved through good, old-fashioned hard work.

While our Mastermind groups are a continuation of skill learning and application, it’s far more about Mastery. We fashion an environment in which high motivation and even higher achievement are the norm. Masterminds are suitable for those who already have basic mental fitness skills and are ready to take their skills – and their achievements – to the next level. For this reason, the groups are intensive, intimate and provide a high level of accountability and personal support, as well as being a great deal of fun. We work together, dream together, play together and Retreat together! So if you don’t want to spend the next year of your life as same-old-same-old, then apply for the Mastermind. And we’ll see you at the top!

Three Masterminds at Play. Three Worlds to Conquer.

There is no road that will take you to the stars. You need an explosion. It just requires the right ingredients.
Awakenings Mastermind, Mental Fitness Institute


Our Awakenings Mastermind is the jumping off point. This experience equips you for mastery over your internal processes to culminate in “awakening” to your true potential. It’s like the ground crew preparing for launch. People live small lives because they are crippled by the past, lack the skills to move beyond their point of pain or are simply deceived by negative (and mostly false) perceptions about themselves. In this group, we challenge every preconceived notion you have about who you are and your potential for mission success. With an emphasis on strengths, every crew member is supported in real-time application of skills and we heartily celebrate victories! The Mastermind environment is an extraordinarily powerful catalyst for change. If you are passionate about your goals but feel totally mired in the mud, then join us for a thorough systems overhaul!


Net Work Play mastermind, mental fitness institute


While Awakenings helps you conquer your internal world, Net_Work_Play is about conquering your external world. Once you’ve integrated basic mental fitness skills into your system, it’s time to expand your reach and range. For some, this means learning the basics of creating a safe environment (e.g., creating good boundaries, letting go of destructive relationships, changing careers). For others, this means opening new horizons by leveraging current skills through networking. Now we’re talking about you becoming the Captain of your own starship and enlisting your flight crew. These people will be your “tribe” –  those who have similar goals and share a similar passion for the mission. Net_Work_Play is all about finding your crew, establishing a home base of followers, developing high-quality communication and passing your pre-launch inspection!


Power Up Mastermind, mental fitness institute


PowerUp Mastermind is the peak Mastermind experience. Your internal systems are green-lighted, environmental conditions are ideal, and your flight crew is all on board. This means it’s time to launch! As the third in the series, PowerUp builds upon the progress of the last two to leverage your strengths for the explosion you need. This means clearly mapping your final destination, calculating the distance to your target, gauging needed fuel supplies for the journey and planning supply runs along the way. A skillful Captain also welcomes feedback from mission control as they track progress and from the flight crew if they suspect the mission is off course. Making necessary course adjustments along the way ensures mission integrity. Takeoff is totally about not giving up, not giving in, and not accepting anything shy of your destination! So let’s PowerUp for launch!


Now Let’s Talk About How to Get There

Here’s a few things you’ll need to know for your trip. Buckle up!

It’s About Time

Our Mastermind groups last 6 months each. This means that to participate in all three, you are investing 18 months. Ask yourself what it’s worth to change the rest of your life? Only you can say for sure. What we do know is this: 18 months will come and go no matter what. Why not make it count?

Core Elements

Our Masterminds consist of five core elements: online classes, group meetings, individual coaching, an amazing 5-day retreat and bonus trainings. In addition, you’ll have support forums for peer support. All of these are designed to keep you fully engaged in the change process!

Yes, Homework

Yes, there’s homework. Did you think progress comes without effort? You’ll be engaged in classwork, defining and setting targeted goals, peer group processing, and working with an accountability partner as well as progress checks with your individual coach. Change requires sustained effort!

Online Classes

Online classes will be part of your curriculum to ensure you develop a solid foundation of vibrant, flexible and healthy mental fitness skills. Use class material and homework as discussion points in the groups, support forums, and individually with your coach to track progress.

Group Meetings

For most folks, peer support is one of the most powerful active ingredients for change because so few have experienced the benefit of sustained, positive social engagement. Working together for the common good allows camaraderie, feedback and unparalleled support.

Individual Coaching

We include individual coaching to make certain that everyone’s voice is heard in terms of what they need from the group. Personal, one-on-one work is a great companion to the group process and allows personalized feedback for stuck points or areas of need. No one gets left behind on our watch!

mPOWER Retreat

While online meetings and calls are great, there is nothing like the in-person connection, especially in an exotic location away from the cares of everyday life. It’s a time to relax, have fun, enjoy one another and solidify learning at a much deeper level. This is our favorite venue for training.


Supplemental trainings will happen organically as we get to know each group. These bonus trainings are designed to fill gaps in knowledge or expertise as shared by the group. Trainings can cover topics such as marketing, networking, product design, affiliates, joint ventures, etc.

Mastermind Fees

Attendance is by invitation only following a personal interview to ensure we’re a good match. Fees are not yet set as it will largely depend on the retreat venue. All trainings and retreat attendance are included, but members cover their own travel, accommodations and evening meals at the retreat.

“Masterminds are truly my favorite form of training. There are Masterminds being conducted at all levels of society (e.g., some super high end, 100k to attend). But you don’t have to be rich. You can join a high-quality Mastermind for $6,000 – $14,000, which is only a fraction of what you’d pay for a new car or a couple of good vacations. And neither one of those will change your life. If you’re wise enough to invest in a Mastermind, you’re already well ahead of the game because you’ve figured out you have to invest in yourself first if you actually want to win. Life, in many ways, is a game and it matters how you play it. Play small. Win small. It’s that simple.”


Dr. Hickman@Eagle River, AK