Mental Fitness is not just a concept. It is a way of life.


Our mission is to reduce human suffering by teaching mental fitness skills for everyday living.


Are you truly hungry for power? Then try mFIT power.


A mental expert controls her own mind. A Mental Master leverages the mind of others.


Why not retreat from the world and advance into victory?


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Get a Feel for Our Beliefs and Convictions

And how much we believe in YOUR potential.
mental disorders, skillful living, mental fitnessmental disorders, skillful living, mental fitness

Skillful Living

Define yourself by what you can do, not what you can’t.


mental disorders, taking responsibility, mental fitness institutemental disorders, taking responsibility, mental fitness institute

Taking Ownership

Owning who you are means you can become something else.


mental disorders, perspective taking, mental fitnessmental disorders, perspective taking, mental fitness

Gaining Perspective

Good can come from anything…it’s all in how you see it.


mental disorders, self-investing, self-care, mental fitness institutemental disorders, self-investing, self-care, mental fitness institute


Genuine self-care has nothing to do with selfishness.


mental disorders, future-focusing, mental fitness institutemental disorders, future-focusing, mental fitness institute

Future Focusing

Your past is not a place you can go, but your future is.


social connections, relationships, mental disorders, finding connection, social, relationships, mental fitnesssocial connections, relationships, mental disorders, finding connection, social, relationships, mental fitness

Finding Connection

You were designed for social connection. It’s a feature, not a bug.


mental disorders, purpose, productivity, mental fitnessmental disorders, purpose, productivity, mental fitness

Purposefully Productive

You already have a purpose. To be fulfilled is to know it.


mental disorders, cultivating happiness, mental fitness institutemental disorders, cultivating happiness, mental fitness institute

Cultivating Happiness

Happiness cannot be given to you. You alone can build it.


How Skills Deficits May Pose as Mental Disorders

Skill Deficits

It is easy to confuse a lack of skills with a disordered state (e.g., mental disorders), especially when we are talking about social, emotional or mental issues. For example, if you are highly anxious in social settings, some would equate this with a psychological issue such as social anxiety.

Over Time

But if you were naturally shy as a child and were never taught how to get past such shyness, perhaps raised by socially awkward parents and you also failed to make friends, then over time such skill deficits can pose as particular mental disorders when in fact you simply lack skills. But skills can be learned!

Learn Now!

The good news is that it is never too late to learn mental fitness skills! No matter how long you have “practiced” negative skills, practicing positive ones will make an impact, too. As you practice, you will literally be rewiring your brain over time for new thoughts, feelings and behaviors. You can do it!




We’re in a League of Our Own

But we’re happy to share our mental fitness game plan secrets!

mFIT Classes

Our online classes are attended by folks just like you from all around the world. From professionals to homemakers and adults to adolescents…learning mental fitness skills means more home runs on the scoreboard!

mFIT Coaching

Each class is facilitated by a certified Life Coach or Therapeutic Coach (Licensed Therapist). Individual or small-group coaching services are also available for those needing greater assistance with life issues. Batter up!

mFIT Programs

Our courses and coaches will certainly get you on base; but if you dream of knocking it out of the park, you might consider joining the Big Leagues with one of our Mastermind Groups or mPower Retreats.




Study with Us

The sweet possibilities of life are simply too vast for us to be held back by uncertainty, fear or a lack of skills that masquerade as mental disorders. These crucial skills are too easy to learn that living without them shouldn’t even be an option. Life can and will throw us curve balls, but there’s no reason to let it throw us off our game. To be mentally fit is to be ready and able to meet every challenge that comes our way. Just like playing baseball, becoming a pro doesn’t happen by accident but through hard work and lots of practice! So come huddle with us in the dug out…and get ready to win the game of your life.


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Hear from Our Founder

Susan E. Hickman, PhD, PsyDSusan E. Hickman, PhD, PsyD

mFIT Fast Track Membership

If you want to run like the wind, we have a Fast Track option!


As the only membership option we offer, Fast Track packs incredible value with unlimited classes for those who really want to go all in. There’s never been a better time to start your mental fitness journey! Are you ready?


Membership includes weekly mFIT blogs, monthly mPACT Guides and access to weekly office hours and all of our support forums! While you dive into classes, we provide abundant support! Join today!


Fast Track members receive weekly small group instructional coaching sessions (three coach-led, one peer-led). We believe these coaching sessions are crucial to keeping you on track. We all need support!


Finally, Fast Track members also receive a monthly individual coaching session. This 30-minute session hones in on specific personal goals and helps clients design action-steps to eliminate stuck points.





Mental Fitness News

Check out what’s happening and what’s hot off the press!

mFIT classes, mental fitnessmFIT classes, mental fitness

Online Classes Help Develop Core Skills

Don’t languish in self-loathing when you could learn the skills you need to make the changes you want. Isn’t it time to invest in yourself? We believe that it’s never to late to become the person you most want to be. Begin your journey today.


Mental Fitness Institute, coaching staffMental Fitness Institute, coaching staff

Why Coaching is So Darn Helpful

Why struggle alone when your journey would be so much easier with assistance? If you don’t ask for help because you fear failure, then remember this: There is no such thing as failure. There is only learning and there is doing.


mFit Partners, mFIT Services, mFIT Programs, mental fitness, mental fitness institute, coaching, retreats, mastermindmFit Partners, mFIT Services, mFIT Programs, mental fitness, mental fitness institute, coaching, retreats, mastermind

Our Services Are Designed to Support

mFIT coaching and classes provide the foundational skills for mental fitness, but we also offer private coaching, intensive Masterminds, mPower Retreats and content-specific learning tracts to train your fitness to a higher level.


mFit Partners, mFIT products, Coffee Mugs, mSHARE Affiliates, mental fitness institutemFit Partners, mFIT products, Coffee Mugs, mSHARE Affiliates, mental fitness institute

Product Sales Fund Our Research

Our research efforts help us confirm the specific links between mFIT skills and positive outcomes. We support our research via product sales such as T-Shirts, mugs, journals, Guides, eReports and mFIT art.


Some of Our Most Popular Classes

Join those who’ve decided that living without mFIT skills is simply no longer an option.

setting boundaries, self-improvement, mental fitnesssetting boundaries, self-improvement, mental fitness

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Setting Effective Boundaries

trauma, recovery, mental fitnesstrauma, recovery, mental fitness

Jumping Off the Trauma Train

You are Bigger Than Your Trauma

self-esteem, mental fitnessself-esteem, mental fitness

What is the Price On Your Head?

Build Award-Winning Self-Esteem

dragon, emotions, emotional regulation, mental fitnessdragon, emotions, emotional regulation, mental fitness

How to Tame Your (Unruly) Dragon

Managing & Regulating Your Emotions

negative core beliefs, mental fitnessnegative core beliefs, mental fitness

Are Your Beliefs Rotten to the Core?

Reversing Negative Core Beliefs

haunted house, trauma recovery, mental fitnesshaunted house, trauma recovery, mental fitness

What to Do When Your House is Haunted

How to Get Past Your Past

monsters, self-acceptance, non-judgmentmonsters, self-acceptance, non-judgment

Loving the Monsters in the Basement

Self-Acceptance & Non-Juddgment

Hear it first hand from our clients…

“I’m not a touchy-feeling kinda guy, you know? But when my marriage was falling apart, I realized I needed to do something. I was totally not into going to therapy. I wanted something concrete, something specific to do to make things better. Taking mental fitness classes and working with a coach gave me exactly what I was looking for. I never realized how much watching my parents fight influenced how I treated my wife. Now I do. And I really don’t want to be that guy any longer.”

testimonial, mental fitness institutetestimonial, mental fitness institute
Brian@Louisville, KY
Learned New Relationship Skills

“What I remember most about growing up was how angry I was. I’d throw things, break things…screamed a lot. It felt like I was always in trouble and I can’t even imagine how many hours I spend alone in my room. Until I took a class from the Mental Fitness Institute, though, I had no idea what the anger was all about. Now I realize that some of my most basic needs were ignored, not because my parents were bad folks. They just didn’t know how to help me. I’m still quicker to anger than I’d like, but I now have far more good days than bad. There’s more work to do but I no longer get up each day hating the person in the mirror.”

Javier@Miami, Florida
Uncovered the Key to Reducing His Anger

“I love my kids, but some days I wonder why on earth I had them. I’ve felt like such a horrible mother because I just couldn’t handle how they acted or couldn’t seem to make them do what I wanted. I didn’t have such a hot role model, I know, but I thought I’d figure it out. Thank God somebody told me about these classes and then I signed up for the Parent-Child Coaching thing to help me as I learned. My kids aren’t angels and, well, neither am I, but things are a lot smoother now. I’m finally beginning to like being a Mom. And for me, that’s sayin’ a lot.”

Patty@Atlanta, GA
Learned Collaborative Coaching for Parents